Much has been written and discussed regarding our toxic and misinformed election process. Misinformed from the perspective of promoting the false narrative that elections are “stolen” only when you lose! The stupidity of those statements rises from the basics that assume 100% of the voters were compromised, 50% on either side. Additionally, ignoring the results of down ballot races. Why such a lack of respect for the process?

“Democratic elections usually work only within populations that have some prior common bond, such as shared religious beliefs or national myths. They are a method to settle disagreements among people who already agree on the basics.” [1]

 It is obvious that as citizens, we do not agree on or accept the basics. “In such cases, holding democratic elections is hardly a cure-all, because the opposing parties have no reason to respect the results.” [2]



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Donald Trump, the Republican Party, Trumpism and their followers represent the modern covenant”. 1 Adherents to this covenant behave in a manner that “humans agree to give up meaning in exchange for power.” 2

Give up on the meaning of what? They’re giving up on the meaning of democracy and respect. In particular, they have jettisoned any element of respect for themselves as well as for others.

This Republican party, Trumpism, and the MAGA movement means “complying with it could easily result in a dark world, devoid of ethics, aesthetics, and compassion.” 3


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Another example of lack of productive government regulation is the Federal Aviation Administration [FAA]. You might believe that traveling at 30,000 feet above the earth deserves some guidance. You would think that maintaining the best quality personnel, technology and funding would be minimum expectations.

How does the FAA measure up?

  • Air Missions system [NOTAM] was installed 30 years ago with no upgrades planned for another 6 years. [i]
  • FAA’s NextGen Project is 10 years behind schedule.
  • No funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed by Congress 2 years ago.
  • 77% of critical air traffic control facilities are staffed below FAA’s 85% threshold. [85%??????]
  • 22% of total air traffic controllers are trainees. [ii]

So much for the government benefit of technology, personnel, and funding.

Yet according to the FAA website, “Today, the major capital programs under development in the FAA are on track…” [iii]

How about privatization of air traffic control [ATC]? Several countries have successfully implemented privatization: Canada [iv], United Kingdom [v], France, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand [vi].



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Trump states he wants to be dictator only on day 1! [1]


Trump has made clear, and the Republicans, by consent, that they want to undermine our republican institutions by:

  • Attacking our Judicial system and Courts.
  • Praising dictators in other countries who eliminate freedoms.
  • Demeaning, attacking, and insulting judges and juries.
  • Undermining our country’s security by stealing military and nuclear secrets.
  • Attempting to overturn a legal election.
  • Suggesting the execution of a previous Pentagon Joint Chiefs Chairman.
  • Changing state and local voting regulations to make it harder to vote.
  • Demand total immunity from all illegal acts he takes as President.
  • Etc.

Trump has stated, if elected, his presidency will be one of retribution. [2] [3]

Can he reach his goals on only day 1?   BEWARE OF WHAT HE SPEAKS!

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The keys to success in a capitalistic society are winning and profiting. Unfortunately, the slippery slope of winning at any cost undermines any semblance of ethics and morality. The current election and the two-party political system embellish these two fundamentals. Extremes in both parties control the election process, with no regard to reasonable service to the country.

The system is broken, and the current social media landscape attracts and rewards participants who salute the parties/tribe at the expense of truth, ethics and moral character.

Winning elections based on fear, threats of violence, lies and preventing the voting of anyone other than those belonging to your party/tribe may be efficient in the short term, but will lead to losing in the long term.

If you believe I am being extreme, explain otherwise the promotion of an individual and platform based on undermining the Republic and free elections.

Multiple parties will not be successful in our current structure. We need to create election platforms that invite and promote multiple parties and participants. [1] [2]

Time to implement Ranked Choice Voting/Proportional

Multiple Winners [3] IN our Elections.


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As a life-long conservative, I agree with many of the Heritage Foundation’s objectives in significantly reducing the size and impact of the administrative state within the executive branch of the US government.

I also agree with the position that the Congress has abdicated its responsibilities in governing including both the Republican and Democratic parties. As a result, the balance of power has significantly shifted to the Executive Branch, creating severe convulsions throughout society and economy with every election.

However, the belief of Mr. Roberts [1] that Biden did not win the 2020 election, because “I think there are unknowns… Is it possible he won? Sure. But can I say definitively that he won? No.” [2], undermines his and The Heritage Foundations platform.

Providing support for Trump and his public goals of autocracy undermines the historical integrity of the Heritage Foundation and their conservative agendas.

Continuing to support autocratic and anti-democratic goals of Trump and others like him undermines your statement that “…Heritage has no influence on the outcome of the election.” [3]

You can be a conservative and still maintain an ethical and moral belief system.



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I have previously published my concerns regarding the US administrative state [1]. The amount of control over our behavior continues to increase, which decreases our amount of freedom.

The total number of pages in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) as of 2021 = 188,343 [2]. The number of regulations/personal “restrictions” [3] [4] “…increased to 1,089,462 by 2022.” [5]

“…Executive agencies publish 3,000 to 4,500 new rules per year, and these regulations have a substantial impact on the American economy. Compounding the problem, courts have ratified that presidential power grab by enacting a series of judge-made rules that require federal courts to defer to the decisions of executive agencies.” [6]


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” In America, justice is administered in the name of the, ‘the good people’ etc. etc.; the sovereignty residing with them.”  1


“The good treatment of their women is the surest evidence that a people can give of their civilization; and there is no nation which has more to boast of, in this respect, than the Americans.”  2


Based on the activity of the Republican Party and their minions, I am not so sure!

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It is obvious that our social and political structure in the United States is fractured. Our reliance on tribal vocabulary and communication is restricting the use our brains and critical thinking.  Keeps us from taking note of what is happening and what we are creating or destroying. We like to believe we are intelligent. I am not so sure, at least not as a group, maybe individually.


“Once people join a political team, they get ensnared in its moral matrix. They see confirmation of their grand narrative everywhere, and it’s difficult – perhaps impossible-to convince them they are wrong if you argue with them from outside of their matrix.”1


“Morality binds and blinds. It binds us into ideological teams that fight each other as thought the fate of the world depended on our side winning each battle. It blinds us to the fact that each team is composed of good people who have something important to say.”2


As F. Scott Fitzgerald noted, ” The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.”


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Founding father John Jay noted in 1795 during a particularly divisive period in our history involving publications of false information and vicious public attacks, a belief in the American people. He stated that “the American people” had “a greater portion of information and morals than almost any other people”, and that “although they may for a time be misled and deceived, yet there is reason to expect that truth and justice cannot be long hid from their eyes.” [1]

Although Jay may be correct, it is obvious that the time under which citizens continue to believe in misconception(s) can be painfully long. The “Trump/Republican” era of misinformation and bullying continues to promote obvious un-American ideas on freedom and respect.

You would think that with current technology and access to information that we could quickly ascertain the difference between truth and lie. Unfortunately, the desire for power and winning at any cost is overriding common sense.

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