Founding father John Jay noted in 1795 during a particularly divisive period in our history involving publications of false information and vicious public attacks, a belief in the American people. He stated that “the American people” had “a greater portion of information and morals than almost any other people”, and that “although they may for a time be misled and deceived, yet there is reason to expect that truth and justice cannot be long hid from their eyes.” [1]

Although Jay may be correct, it is obvious that the time under which citizens continue to believe in misconception(s) can be painfully long. The “Trump/Republican” era of misinformation and bullying continues to promote obvious un-American ideas on freedom and respect.

You would think that with current technology and access to information that we could quickly ascertain the difference between truth and lie. Unfortunately, the desire for power and winning at any cost is overriding common sense.

[1] Stahr, Walter, John Jay Founding Father; Hambledon and London, New York, 2005, Pg. 337.

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