Another example of lack of productive government regulation is the Federal Aviation Administration [FAA]. You might believe that traveling at 30,000 feet above the earth deserves some guidance. You would think that maintaining the best quality personnel, technology and funding would be minimum expectations.

How does the FAA measure up?

  • Air Missions system [NOTAM] was installed 30 years ago with no upgrades planned for another 6 years. [i]
  • FAA’s NextGen Project is 10 years behind schedule.
  • No funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed by Congress 2 years ago.
  • 77% of critical air traffic control facilities are staffed below FAA’s 85% threshold. [85%??????]
  • 22% of total air traffic controllers are trainees. [ii]

So much for the government benefit of technology, personnel, and funding.

Yet according to the FAA website, “Today, the major capital programs under development in the FAA are on track…” [iii]

How about privatization of air traffic control [ATC]? Several countries have successfully implemented privatization: Canada [iv], United Kingdom [v], France, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand [vi].



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