Trump states he wants to be dictator only on day 1! [1]


Trump has made clear, and the Republicans, by consent, that they want to undermine our republican institutions by:

  • Attacking our Judicial system and Courts.
  • Praising dictators in other countries who eliminate freedoms.
  • Demeaning, attacking, and insulting judges and juries.
  • Undermining our country’s security by stealing military and nuclear secrets.
  • Attempting to overturn a legal election.
  • Suggesting the execution of a previous Pentagon Joint Chiefs Chairman.
  • Changing state and local voting regulations to make it harder to vote.
  • Demand total immunity from all illegal acts he takes as President.
  • Etc.

Trump has stated, if elected, his presidency will be one of retribution. [2] [3]

Can he reach his goals on only day 1?   BEWARE OF WHAT HE SPEAKS!

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In the past, our country and political system became concerned about the alarming increase in presidential power relative to the Congress. Over time this concern has taken a back seat to the ongoing and increasing war of obstruction and destruction between the Republican and Democratic Parties.

As a result of the continuing lack of constructive attention to and resolution of our nations challenges, recent presidents have taken increasing and unbalanced power from the Congress.

This congressional power vacuum has allowed the Presidential power to amplify the degree of political polarization.

Executive actions taken by recent Presidents:

  • Bill Clinton 364
  • George W. Bush  291
  • Barack Obama 276
  • Donald Trump  206 [only 4 years]

The concern here is the degree of political extremism in Congress combined with wide volatility in the executive actions; created and vacated by each President as the political party changes.

Combine the above with the rise of social media and extreme emotional nonfactual broadcasting of extreme views and beliefs, you have the perfect storm.

In the eye of the perfect storm is the Imperial President.


  1. “The Imperial Presidency”; Schlesinger, Arthur, M. Jr. Houghton Mifflin Co. 1973

Mr. Trump is a clear and danger to our democracy not just because of January 6th. He is dangerous because he has consistently sought to undermine our government by:

  • Continuously attacking the legitimacy of many departments of our government, including the Departments of Defense, Justice, FDA, Attorney General, CDC, etc.
  • He has undermined our country’s relationships with many of our allies.
  • He has continuously charged the election of 2020 as rigged and stolen. He and the Republican Party has filed 62 suits and had 61 dismissed for lacking any evidence. Making these charges when no evidence exists and continuing to excite crowds against the results undermines the most important element of a democracy, the vote.
  • He has attempted to have several states votes overturned using the “power of the Presidency” as a threat.

This President needs to be impeached!

We need to hold him and the Republican Party responsible and send a clear message that this will not be allowed by any future President.

Like many, I had hoped and believed that the current Republican Party would realize the errors of their ways in continuing to support Trump solely for gaining and maintaining political power. Given the last 4+ years culminating on January 6th, those who continue to maintain their allegiance and support for this Party must recognize their complicity of the thus far unsuccessful insurrection attempt. If members of the party believe I am mistaken, please note the results of your “Sounds of Silence” for over 4 years. The Republican Party needs to be dissolved and replaced.


The Republican Party has finally reached the point where its members no longer have license to identify themselves as the party of Lincoln. Continuing to undermine the right to vote and the results of an election by declaring the election rigged and stolen and then of all things, vote to not certify the electoral college, disenfranchise states rights and voters is a blatant violation of our Constitution. It is against everything Lincoln stood for and died for.



I vote by mail and have for many years.

Mr. Trump states my mail in vote is not legal.

Mr. Trump maintains his mail in vote is legal.

Mr. Trump continues to blame his loss on widespread voting fraud, primarily from mail in voting done before election day. Mr. Trump lets start with you. Your vote is legal and you are the real Fraud! There is only one person trying to “steal the election”, and that is YOU.

I never thought that in the 21st century, we would have a President who did all he could in his power to undermine the VOTE!

As Ben Franklin stated “You have a Republic if you can keep it.”

There is nothing more important in any free society/democracy/republic than the vote. All freedoms emanate from the VOTE!

Do you want to keep your freedoms; Your ability to publicly agree and disagree with your government? Do you want to keep this Republic?

Republican, Democrat, whatever your political affiliation, we can not allow this kind of President again.

For media and citizens of the USA who are concerned about the dis-information emanating from China and/or Russia, your time and attention could be better spent addressing a government source we can control.

You and all of us could be better served by paying attention to and holding accountable the dis-information coming from the White House!

“…Americans all too often have had to learn, the hard way, that maintaining respect for the nation’s highest office and its occupant is among any president’s pressing duties.”¹

It is important that we all keep this in mind. This perspective rises above politics and party. This duty applies to all incumbents.

It is paramount that the current occupant  begin understanding this and behaving accordingly.

It is equally required that we hold the occupant accountable.


  1. “Dwight D. Eisenhower The American Presidents Series”, by Tom Wicker, Pg. 76;  ISBN 0-8050-6907-0