The keys to success in a capitalistic society are winning and profiting. Unfortunately, the slippery slope of winning at any cost undermines any semblance of ethics and morality. The current election and the two-party political system embellish these two fundamentals. Extremes in both parties control the election process, with no regard to reasonable service to the country.

The system is broken, and the current social media landscape attracts and rewards participants who salute the parties/tribe at the expense of truth, ethics and moral character.

Winning elections based on fear, threats of violence, lies and preventing the voting of anyone other than those belonging to your party/tribe may be efficient in the short term, but will lead to losing in the long term.

If you believe I am being extreme, explain otherwise the promotion of an individual and platform based on undermining the Republic and free elections.

Multiple parties will not be successful in our current structure. We need to create election platforms that invite and promote multiple parties and participants. [1] [2]

Time to implement Ranked Choice Voting/Proportional

Multiple Winners [3] IN our Elections.


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As a life-long conservative, I agree with many of the Heritage Foundation’s objectives in significantly reducing the size and impact of the administrative state within the executive branch of the US government.

I also agree with the position that the Congress has abdicated its responsibilities in governing including both the Republican and Democratic parties. As a result, the balance of power has significantly shifted to the Executive Branch, creating severe convulsions throughout society and economy with every election.

However, the belief of Mr. Roberts [1] that Biden did not win the 2020 election, because “I think there are unknowns… Is it possible he won? Sure. But can I say definitively that he won? No.” [2], undermines his and The Heritage Foundations platform.

Providing support for Trump and his public goals of autocracy undermines the historical integrity of the Heritage Foundation and their conservative agendas.

Continuing to support autocratic and anti-democratic goals of Trump and others like him undermines your statement that “…Heritage has no influence on the outcome of the election.” [3]

You can be a conservative and still maintain an ethical and moral belief system.



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” In America, justice is administered in the name of the, ‘the good people’ etc. etc.; the sovereignty residing with them.”  1


“The good treatment of their women is the surest evidence that a people can give of their civilization; and there is no nation which has more to boast of, in this respect, than the Americans.”  2


Based on the activity of the Republican Party and their minions, I am not so sure!

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Stop the Steal!     Which One?


Mr. Trump’s supporters and the Republican Party have continuously promoted the unfounded claims that the election has been stolen.

Which election is that?

The Republicans gained seats in the House of Representatives. “…Republicans had flipped fourteen, including one held by a Libertarian in 2020…” 1

 Just a reminder that ballots have all the choices, all candidates, on the same ballot!

Oh, that cannot be correct, because the election was stolen. That being the case I can only assume that the Republicans were the ones who stole it!

Excuse me for forgetting my common sense. The Republicans only believe the election results were stolen when they do not like the result.               Ok, that makes sense!





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Republicans are aggressively promoting voter restriction laws and regulations throughout the U.S.

“…In all, 28 states have introduced, pre-filed or are advancing 106 restrictive bills for the 2021 legislative session,…” ¹

Apparently we as a society have not changed much since the Civil War and Reconstruction. It has been more than 150 years and we are still dealing with the inability to accept that “…We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…”.²

This is another example of how weak the Republican Party’s political positions are.

The Republican’s only strong position is based on racism and discrimination.



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Mr. Trump is a clear and danger to our democracy not just because of January 6th. He is dangerous because he has consistently sought to undermine our government by:

  • Continuously attacking the legitimacy of many departments of our government, including the Departments of Defense, Justice, FDA, Attorney General, CDC, etc.
  • He has undermined our country’s relationships with many of our allies.
  • He has continuously charged the election of 2020 as rigged and stolen. He and the Republican Party has filed 62 suits and had 61 dismissed for lacking any evidence. Making these charges when no evidence exists and continuing to excite crowds against the results undermines the most important element of a democracy, the vote.
  • He has attempted to have several states votes overturned using the “power of the Presidency” as a threat.

This President needs to be impeached!

We need to hold him and the Republican Party responsible and send a clear message that this will not be allowed by any future President.

As unfortunate as the attempted insurrection on January 6th is, we should be aware that this has been coming for a long time. The two primary political parties conduct, promote, require, and reward tribal warfare against the other party for the simple and primary purpose of obtaining and maintaining power. “Governing” then becomes the positioning and re-positioning, each election, based on the power politics of the extremes. Maintenance and financing of power becomes the norm, and little attention is paid to the needs of the country.

The corrective measure requires breaking the deadlock. As bad as recent events are, maybe this is what is required for the citizens to finally take control and create additional political parties.

  • Let us start with splitting the Republican and Democratic parties in two. This would create two new parties to allow the extremes to exist [freedom of speech must be maintained].
  • First eliminate the current names of the Republican and Democratic Parties to allow new allegiance without the baggage of the past.

An example could be:

Current Republican Party Becomes the:

  • ⇒ American Conservative Party
  • Tea Party

Current Democratic Party Becomes the:

  • ⇒ Progressive Party of America 
  • Socialist Party of America

We currently already have the Libertarian and Green parties. This would provide 6 parties and at least the start toward allowing voters other options as they believe and vote. This would break the log jam of the two current major parties we are and have been stuck in.

The new political parties could be:

  • American Conservative Party
  • Progressive Party of America
  • Libertarian Party
  • Green Party
  • Tea Party
  • Socialist Party of America

I recommend using a “ranked voting¹ system for ballots [all paper, hand delivered or mail in] to allow for complete openness and full disclosure in all elections.

[1] “Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop”, Lee Drutman, Oxford University Press, ISBN 978-0-19-091385-4




Like many, I had hoped and believed that the current Republican Party would realize the errors of their ways in continuing to support Trump solely for gaining and maintaining political power. Given the last 4+ years culminating on January 6th, those who continue to maintain their allegiance and support for this Party must recognize their complicity of the thus far unsuccessful insurrection attempt. If members of the party believe I am mistaken, please note the results of your “Sounds of Silence” for over 4 years. The Republican Party needs to be dissolved and replaced.


The Republican Party has finally reached the point where its members no longer have license to identify themselves as the party of Lincoln. Continuing to undermine the right to vote and the results of an election by declaring the election rigged and stolen and then of all things, vote to not certify the electoral college, disenfranchise states rights and voters is a blatant violation of our Constitution. It is against everything Lincoln stood for and died for.



I vote by mail and have for many years.

Mr. Trump states my mail in vote is not legal.

Mr. Trump maintains his mail in vote is legal.

Mr. Trump continues to blame his loss on widespread voting fraud, primarily from mail in voting done before election day. Mr. Trump lets start with you. Your vote is legal and you are the real Fraud! There is only one person trying to “steal the election”, and that is YOU.