Donald Trump, the Republican Party, Trumpism and their followers represent the modern covenant”. 1 Adherents to this covenant behave in a manner that “humans agree to give up meaning in exchange for power.” 2

Give up on the meaning of what? They’re giving up on the meaning of democracy and respect. In particular, they have jettisoned any element of respect for themselves as well as for others.

This Republican party, Trumpism, and the MAGA movement means “complying with it could easily result in a dark world, devoid of ethics, aesthetics, and compassion.” 3


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Stop the Steal!     Which One?


Mr. Trump’s supporters and the Republican Party have continuously promoted the unfounded claims that the election has been stolen.

Which election is that?

The Republicans gained seats in the House of Representatives. “…Republicans had flipped fourteen, including one held by a Libertarian in 2020…” 1

 Just a reminder that ballots have all the choices, all candidates, on the same ballot!

Oh, that cannot be correct, because the election was stolen. That being the case I can only assume that the Republicans were the ones who stole it!

Excuse me for forgetting my common sense. The Republicans only believe the election results were stolen when they do not like the result.               Ok, that makes sense!





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Mr. Trump is a clear and danger to our democracy not just because of January 6th. He is dangerous because he has consistently sought to undermine our government by:

  • Continuously attacking the legitimacy of many departments of our government, including the Departments of Defense, Justice, FDA, Attorney General, CDC, etc.
  • He has undermined our country’s relationships with many of our allies.
  • He has continuously charged the election of 2020 as rigged and stolen. He and the Republican Party has filed 62 suits and had 61 dismissed for lacking any evidence. Making these charges when no evidence exists and continuing to excite crowds against the results undermines the most important element of a democracy, the vote.
  • He has attempted to have several states votes overturned using the “power of the Presidency” as a threat.

This President needs to be impeached!

We need to hold him and the Republican Party responsible and send a clear message that this will not be allowed by any future President.

Political Correctness Creates Political Corruption!

How are we to have serious, thoughtful conversation on important political and societal issues if we are restricted by believed correctness in not addressing issues?  That results in us becoming fixed in beliefs/facts that may be wrong. “My mind is made up, do not confuse me with the facts!”  None of us knows all the answers!  Be open to other opinions and ideas.