Police Armed To The Hilt & Citizens Armed To The Hilt

   For What Purpose?

The mass shootings continue happening in the USA; 229 in 2022 to date [i].

Many mass shooters are armed with military grade weapons. However, the police are likewise armed as in the military. You would think ok, we’re even.

Yet in the recent mass shooting in Uvalde Texas, both the shooter and the police were armed to the hilt. The event should have been dramatically restricted, and yet 22 died and 17 were injured, as the police failed to act.

The Texas incident draws into focus the absurd dichotomy of our national obsession with guns.

⇒We arm the police with tremendous firepower to protect us.

⇒We arm private citizens with tremendous firepower to kill us.

Irrespective of the 2nd amendment, it is obvious that we cannot rely on ourselves or our elected representatives to make constructive common-sense changes.

>>>>>> Maybe the time has come to outlaw guns <<<<<<


[i] Mass Shootings in 2022 | Gun Violence Archive

Challenging Capitalism and Liberalism


There is a growing challenge to free and democratic forms of government and economically based societies. The rise of nationalism and authoritarian based rule is a result, in part, of the failure of free market systems and democracies to address the fundamental needs of their citizens. In the U.S. “… liberal governance has developed a puzzling preference for legitimating government action through processes rather than outcomes. …” [i]

According to the World Values Survey Association “…there has been a growing divergence between the prevailing values in low-income countries and high-income countries.” [ii] I believe the same divergence between prevailing values of low- and high-income citizens is occurring in the U.S.A. It is difficult to agree on basic values of life when you are excluded from the ability to fairly participate. As David Brooks notes in his recent article, “…only democracy and liberalism are based on respect for the dignity of each person…” [iii] We are not respecting the dignity of each person politically, socially and by government actions.

As a capitalist I believe in free markets, limited government, and limited regulation. I also believe that the human resources are our most important capital. We are failing to invest in our human capital. We are not creating the economic opportunities for all citizens to participate in our economy and become productive.

“…What is needed most is a change in ideas: namely, a reversal of those intellectual trends of the past 50 years or so that have brought us to the current pass….” [iv]


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The Religious Abortion of Life


Religions of the world have been responsible for more killing and death than any other human action.

Religions have been aborting life through crusades and religious wars for centuries.

When religionists stop forcing others to believe life begins and ends as you dictate, maybe, you will have an ethical basis from which to preach.

That stated, religious belief and philosophy are personal, and not to be used for creating government policies. As I previously questioned, why do so many people feel they need to force their religious beliefs on others?          Isn’t faith supposed to be enough?

Government policies should only be used to protect religious freedom and personal choice, not dictating beliefs.

EU Law Against Misinformation

The European Union has passed a new digital information law designed to provide restrictions against misinformation and terrorist comments and hate speech. The new law would also impact on some sort of online ads.

… “The law, called the Digital Services Act, is intended to address social media’s societal harms by requiring companies to more aggressively police their platforms for illicit content or risk billions of dollars in fines. Tech companies would be compelled to set up new policies and procedures to remove flagged hate speech, terrorist propaganda and other material defined as illegal by countries within the European Union….” [i]

When European Union countries have the power to define what opinion, speech and thought is illegal, how is this different from what Putin is doing in Russia?


[i] Satariano, Adam; E.U. Takes Aim at Social Media’s Harms with Landmark New Law; NY Times, Technology, 4/22/2022.

Stop the Steal!     Which One?


Mr. Trump’s supporters and the Republican Party have continuously promoted the unfounded claims that the election has been stolen.

Which election is that?

The Republicans gained seats in the House of Representatives. “…Republicans had flipped fourteen, including one held by a Libertarian in 2020…” 1

 Just a reminder that ballots have all the choices, all candidates, on the same ballot!

Oh, that cannot be correct, because the election was stolen. That being the case I can only assume that the Republicans were the ones who stole it!

Excuse me for forgetting my common sense. The Republicans only believe the election results were stolen when they do not like the result.               Ok, that makes sense!




  1. https://ballotpedia.org/Election_results,_2020:_Control_of_the_U.S._House

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Republicans are aggressively promoting voter restriction laws and regulations throughout the U.S.

“…In all, 28 states have introduced, pre-filed or are advancing 106 restrictive bills for the 2021 legislative session,…” ¹

Apparently we as a society have not changed much since the Civil War and Reconstruction. It has been more than 150 years and we are still dealing with the inability to accept that “…We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…”.²

This is another example of how weak the Republican Party’s political positions are.

The Republican’s only strong position is based on racism and discrimination.



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Many political, religious and philosophical entities rely on violence, hatred, bullying, and harassment to convince and/or require agreement and/or subjugation.

It is clear evidence of the weakness of their position.

Only weak individuals and believers require this behavior to promote their arguments.

The Political Two-Step

Mitch McConnell’s recent post impeachment statement regarding Trump vs. his vote is a classic political two-step. First to promote his “true beliefs”, then second, to explain his opposite actions.

Moderates in both political Parties use this two-step action as an attempt to maintain power and position while straddling political and philosophical positions.

I have written previously supporting the creating of multiple political parties in the U.S. McConnell’s actions and statements are an additional striking action in support of multiple parties. Moderate Republicans need to retreat from the Republican Party and create a Party and platform they can honestly support without resorting to untruths and untenable positions. The same holds true for the moderates in the Democrat Party.

For all politicians, you can not have it both ways, not for long. Because the dishonest nature of those positions ultimately undermines how others perceive you and how you live with yourself.

The Impeachment Vaccine for the Republic

To any Republican Senators who may see this message. I have watched the impeachment trial of Mr. Trump. The entire trial.

I am a life-long Republican/Libertarian. Above all, I am an American.

Political parties and activities are important part of governing our Republic. However, Party power should never supersede the support and protection of the Republic. There has always been and will always be political and philosophical differences of opinion. There will always be winners and losers. That is the nature of politics. And you know this.

Aside from political party philosophy and power in Congress, Mr. Trumps consistent behavior is unacceptable and impeachable.

You need to vote to convict Mr. Trump and bar him from any future office.

This is not a Republican or Democratic issue.  

This is a Republic issue.

The Media and Discrimination

To address the issue of systemic racism and discrimination of all kinds, we need to start with the media.

Media stories and news continuously describe and identify the person(s) of focus based on religion, cultural background, race, or sexual preference.

The more we promote, describe, and embellish news and stories on some discriminatory basis, the more we sub-consciously promote those differences for malevolent intent.

Why is a person’s race, religion or sexuality important to the purpose at hand?

In reporting on a criminal act, what difference does it make if the alleged is black, white, Jewish, or gay?

It is time to stop promoting all this divisiveness.