The keys to success in a capitalistic society are winning and profiting. Unfortunately, the slippery slope of winning at any cost undermines any semblance of ethics and morality. The current election and the two-party political system embellish these two fundamentals. Extremes in both parties control the election process, with no regard to reasonable service to the country.

The system is broken, and the current social media landscape attracts and rewards participants who salute the parties/tribe at the expense of truth, ethics and moral character.

Winning elections based on fear, threats of violence, lies and preventing the voting of anyone other than those belonging to your party/tribe may be efficient in the short term, but will lead to losing in the long term.

If you believe I am being extreme, explain otherwise the promotion of an individual and platform based on undermining the Republic and free elections.

Multiple parties will not be successful in our current structure. We need to create election platforms that invite and promote multiple parties and participants. [1] [2]

Time to implement Ranked Choice Voting/Proportional

Multiple Winners [3] IN our Elections.


[1] Ranked Choice Voting | Support Better Elections for California (

[2] Homepage – FairVote.

[3] Drutman, Lee; Breaking The Two-Party Doom Loop, New York, Oxford University Press 2020

EU Law Against Misinformation

The European Union has passed a new digital information law designed to provide restrictions against misinformation and terrorist comments and hate speech. The new law would also impact on some sort of online ads.

… “The law, called the Digital Services Act, is intended to address social media’s societal harms by requiring companies to more aggressively police their platforms for illicit content or risk billions of dollars in fines. Tech companies would be compelled to set up new policies and procedures to remove flagged hate speech, terrorist propaganda and other material defined as illegal by countries within the European Union….” [i]

When European Union countries have the power to define what opinion, speech and thought is illegal, how is this different from what Putin is doing in Russia?


[i] Satariano, Adam; E.U. Takes Aim at Social Media’s Harms with Landmark New Law; NY Times, Technology, 4/22/2022.

The only unity in our country and politics currently is fight!

  • I will fight for you
  • I will fight for this
  • I have always fought for this
  • We need to fight for this
  • I am a fighter
  • I/we must fight against this/them

If all we can do and think about is fighting, it is no wonder we do not accomplish much. After all, if all we want to do is fight and defeat the foe, we are never open to actually accomplishing anything.

I believe this mindset is creating a sub-conscientious anger in us as we are always looking for, expecting and wanting to fight.

We need to take a step back, take a breath, put things in perspective and work towards success. Instead of fighting, lets work towards the objective and goal. Lets work together.